We are Portland, Oregon's premiere dog training service specializing in tried and true traditional obedience training for dogs of all sorts!


We don't need to sell you on the importance of a properly trained dog. That's why you're here. So instead of giving you a sales pitch, we're just going to tell you what we believe in:

We believe, first and foremost, in a scientific approach. Dogs behavior is observable, measurable, and treatable. Dogs are not an equal or lesser species, they're a different species, and need to be treated as such. 

Positive reinforcement is great but it's okay to say "NO" to your dog. Just as we wouldn't raise our human children by feeding them treats every time they do what is simply expected of them, we don't train our dogs this way; and if a dog does something dangerous or disobeys a command, negative reinforcement and discipline are acceptable modes of feedback. 

"Stay" isn't a real command. Down means down until I tell you to do something else. End of story. 

Be fair. Your dog doesn't speak English. They have a couple dozen sounds they associate with a couple dozen situations. If you say "come" but mean "sit", it's not okay to freak out if they get confused. Start over, end on a high note. Don't change the rules. 

Be the boss. Your dog needs a leader to help them navigate our crazy human world, it's your job to step up.


Sound good? Awesome. Let's work together.