A standard obedience protocol is the solution to 99% of problem behaviors

"My dog won't walk on leash."

"My dog eats EVERYTHING."

"I just want my dog to come when he's called."

It’s all about teaching and enforcing behaviors which are incompatible with the unwanted behaviors you’re experiencing or trying to avoid in the future.

Please note that due to extraordinary demand, we’re currently on a waitlist. Email inquiries will receive an auto-reply and you’ll be added to my waiting list. Due to excessive demand and ever worsening traffic conditions, we are replacing free in-home consultations with phone consultations. We will also be prioritizing prospective clients who are willing to forgo a consultation and jump right in with training.

Private Lessons

I come to your home and teach you how to train your dog. We work with you and your dog in intervals that work for your schedule, in an environment that's comfortable for owner and dog alike. You do an hour of "homework" each day between sessions.  Great for dogs that need a lot of help with home distractions (doors knocking, kids screaming, etc.).  Equipment sold separately. Packages sold in 3 or more sessions depending on goals. Lessons break down to $150 each but lessons are sold only in packages in most cases.

Equipment required for on-leash packages: Pinch Collar- $40, Six for leather lead $30; for off-leash packages, you'll also need a mini-educator- $200. All equipment purchased through us.

LODGE and learn

Our most efficient service.  We take your dog into our home for stints sold 4 weeks at a time (4 week, 8 week, etc.) at $3000 per four weeks.  Your dog becomes a part of our family/pack. This includes daily socialization with other dogs. We work them around the clock, and they return to you having been remote collar conditioned to basic obedience commands for off-leash control.  We get your dog functioning properly, then show you how we did it and how you can maintain it during built-in weekly private lessons and a follow-up lesson a few weeks after the dog returns to you.  Price includes all equipment needed for continued maintenance.


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