Rob Masters | Owner & LEad Trainer

Rob's dog training journey began in the same way as that of so many others: In 2011, he adopted a dog that turned out to be dog aggressive. Having had a positive relationship since high school with Kansas City, MO dog trainer Richard Tanner, he turned to his old friend for help. Realizing he had a knack for the work and found it fulfilling, he began a formal apprenticeship under Mr. Tanner while Richard was serving as Director of training at a Kansas City, MO daycare/boarding facility. The apprenticeship would last for a year before Rob would begin his first training job, leading group classes at a Kansas City, KS rescue. With the downtime that comes with building a successful freelance client base, Rob absorbed as much material as he possibly could in the form of canine behavior and training literature, and hands on experience behind the leash working with wayward dogs residing in local shelters. In 2013, Rob ventured out on his own, starting Dogs Listen to Me [DLTM] in Kansas City, MO. Fast-forward to 2017, after a wildly successful 4 years of business, Rob decided to relocate to the beautiful Portland, Orgeon, where he brings a Midwest sensibility and his message of balanced dog training to dog owners all over the West Coast.