Rob Masters | Founder & Trainer

Rob's dog training journey began in the same way as that of so many others: In 2011, he adopted a dog that turned out to be dog aggressive. Having had a positive relationship since high school with Kansas City, MO dog trainer Richard Tanner, he turned to his old friend for help. Realizing he had a knack for the work and found it fulfilling, he began a formal apprenticeship under Mr. Tanner while Richard was serving as Director of training at a Kansas City, MO daycare/boarding facility. The apprenticeship would last for a year before Rob would begin his first training job, leading group classes at a Kansas City, KS rescue. With the downtime that comes with building a successful freelance client base, Rob absorbed as much material as he possibly could in the form of canine behavior and training literature, and hands on experience behind the leash working with wayward dogs residing in local shelters. In 2013, Rob ventured out on his own, starting Dogs Listen to Me [DLTM] in Kansas City, MO. Fast-forward to 2017, after a wildly successful 4 years of business, Rob decided to relocate to the beautiful Portland, Oregon, where he brings a Midwest sensibility and his message of balanced dog training to dog owners all over the West Coast. 


Ursula Wurster | Lead trainer

Ursula’s dog training career began the way so many have found their way into dog training: she rescued a dog with issues. After working with with Rob, Ursula continued to expand on her knowledge on her own time and eventually took a job with another local training company. Feeling that she wasn’t able to train to her fullest potential, she jumped at the opportunity work under Rob’s guidance for a time and then ultimately become a full-fledged trainer for our little company. Now Ursula is the lead trainer handling private on and off-leash lessons, and assisting with our Lodge and Learn clients. She’s also working to create new opportunities for our clients, including co-leading our forthcoming structured group dog walks, where she’ll bring her exceptional skill in handling reactivity for clients who want to keep their dogs properly socialized. In her spare time, you can find her working out, making pies, and attending performance art events around Portland.


Chandler Ichikawa | trainer

Chandler’s introduction to the dog training world began in August of 2018 when she met Rob Masters. She was at her wits end with her leash reactive dog and needed help regaining control. After meeting Rob she quickly picked up the training techniques and began to actively seek out additional training resources. She began helping friends and family by informally addressing their dog’s problem behaviors and implementing simple lifestyle changes. Her passion for working with her dogs and other dog owners inspired her to pursue dog training in a professional setting. She has first hand experience with a difficult dog and is passionate about sharing the knowledge, tools, and techniques to help empower owners to be confident and effective leaders. She is excited to help owners communicate with their canines and to show them the same success that she has had and shared with friends and family. She’ll be handling on-leash private lesson clients as well as bringing a fresh new approach to our social media presence with helpful content for our dog loving followers.


Ellen the Intern | dog walker & Leash Crafter

Ellen is an international lady of mystery. She’s also our new on-staff dog walker. She’s working her way towards full-fledged trainer status, but in the meantime, she’s a great option for clients who are struggling to find a dog walker that will keep up with their training protocols. She’s also a most excellent addition to our team and obviously her personal dog is the cutest.