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Robert cares deeply about dogs. He’s a consummate professional in the sense that his priority is ensuring that he attains positive results with his dogs and clients. He also is a perpetual student of the craft-cerebral by nature, he is constantly attending seminars, consulting with other trainers, and expanding his already deeply impressive knowledge base with respect to canine training and behavior. He is like the Bill Belichick of the dog training world, minus patron saint Belichick’s bad attitude (apologies, I’m from Boston and it’s the playoffs). Finally, he’s a genuinely thoughtful, empathetic and caring individual who looks after his clients and friends with an unremitting loyalty that is exceedingly rare. He probably has the most well regarded reputation in the dog training community, and is universally well liked and respected for his integrity, competency and character.
You can’t go wrong with Robert-he’s a uniquely exceptional trainer and human being.
— Renowned NYC Dog Trainer John Dewey
I didn’t quite know what to expect when Rob came out to take a gander at my then 4 month old crazy shepherd mix. She used to willingly jump on people and basically act like the crazy puppy she was. Now she’s so well behaved when people come to visit it’s amazing. I also loved the fact that Rob had as much of a flexible schedule as I needed him to. Nothing but good things to say for Dogs Listen to Me!
— Tina Poindexter
I first reached out to Rob when my living circumstances where going to be changing drastically - from a house with a fenced yard to an apartment - and my two dogs, and myself, did not have the skills needed to make this transition successful. After contacting Rob he came to my home for a consultation where he met my dogs and covered all the information needed to make the whole moving and training process go as smoothly as possible for our pack. The board and train took place while I was moving and settling into my new place. We had a training session together while my dogs were still in the board and train where I could see the progress and learn the techniques I needed to follow for success. Since my dogs have been back at home Rob has provided us with follow-up sessions, advice and training for all of our concerns and been a great source of knowledge. My dogs not only live in the apartment successfully with me, we are now thinking of teaching them things for fun and have a more calm house hold overall. Rob’s services have truly been invaluable to us.
— Leah K. Grace
We are so grateful to our vet for steering us to Rob and “Dogs Listen to Me”. We, the parents of a Labradoodle and a Plott hound mix, needed Rob’s expertise and gentle manner as much as our dogs. He was very professional and considerate while all along he was training us along with our two dogs. Some things you can’t hide from dogs. They knew Rob was a gentle soul who truly cared for them. He had their complete trust. Especially Sophie who we could not get down our basement stairs for 8 years. Rob had her going down the steps in five minutes!! Thank you Rob for our enhanced enjoyment of our dogs which we really didn’t think was possible.
— Gene and Kathy Ismert-Martin
We have a 7 year old Weimaraner named Beau who was overly excitable, very anxious, and overall not a good listener. We chose the board and train option and consider it money very well spent! Rob came out to do an in-home consultation and explained to us the methods he used. He came to pick up Beau from us and spent nearly three weeks working with him. Rob did an in-home lesson halfway through and trained us more than the dog. :) I received updates and pictures of Beau which I really appreciated. When Beau came home, Rob went over everything with us again and also came back for a follow up with us 2 weeks later. Overall, the process was very easy! Rob does a great job communicating and working with our schedule on when he could meet with us and do the in-home lessons. We are extremely happy with the outcome and now have a well behaved dog! Thank you!
— Alayna West
Rob is a miracle worker! We adopted a 2 year old German mix last summer. We chose Maisey because she was so sweet but once we got her home we realized she needed some good training. We found Rob on Facebook and have been very impressed with him from our first meeting. He is extremely knowledgeable of how to train dogs. We now have a well mannered dog who listens and responds to all commands by all members of our family. We highly recommend Rob!!
— Amy Ellison Clapham
My boyfriend and I did a board and train with our 4 year old husky/shepherd, Remy. Rob did awesome work! Remy is a very strong dog and would nearly pull me over when I had her on the leash. I was always so nervous to take her to the dog park because I felt I couldn’t control her. After working with Rob, I can walk Remy without any issues and she will even walk right beside me without the leash on! Rob not only trained Remy, he worked with me on becoming more confident in my control with her so that she would listen to my authority. It was absolutely amazing to see Remy’s progress in the time she was with Rob and I can’t recommend Dogs Listen to Me enough!
— Kelly Vincent
Rob Masters is exceptional. In addition to being a great guy, he is fantastic at his craft! We have a Doberman and they tend to be stubborn by nature. Ours took that to the next level. She would pull incessantly on the leash and was a whirlwind of energy anytime anyone came by. She also barked at any noise she heard. Within a few minutes, Rob had her walking patiently next to him. This was something I would not have believed if I didn’t witness it first hand. With each passing training session, we saw huge improvements. With his methods, he also turned a dog that would freak out at the mention of a kennel, and consistently either hurt herself or escaped any kennel we tried, into a dog that quietly lays in her kennel and waits to be let out.
While his training sessions may look pricey, it’s a small price to pay for the simple reason that he is not just training your dog. His process includes teaching you how to be a great dog owner, how to teach them to be great dogs, and most importantly, how to cultivate a relationship with your dog that massively decreases both your stress and your dog’s. 5 stars, two thumbs, Rob and his company come with the highest recommendation I can give!
— Cameron Kuhn
Dogs Listen to Me is fantastic. I cannot say enough good things. I contacted them, but living two hours away I wasn’t sure what kind of response I would receive. Rob was willing to come meet my dog for the consultation. Within the hour, Rob had stopped her incessant jumping on people. I was a little nervous about the prong collar and the eCollar at first, but I quickly got over that. Prior to this, Patrice had graduated from three different positive dog training classes, yet she was still jumping, barking, running away and pulling on the leash. After a year at trying to do the positive dog training thing with absolutely no results, I am so glad I found a trainer who believes in a balanced approach.

After the first session, I knew I had made the right choice. After each session I seemed to bring home a completely different dog. Training in the park and at a dog park made a huge difference since we were surrounded by tons of distractions. Rob explains things in a way to help owners understand the motives of the dog. Everything he did with Patrice made complete sense, which is probably why it all worked so well.

As far as the tools go, the prong collar (with proper instruction) immediately solved our leash pulling issues. The eCollar serves as nothing but a communication tool to help Patrice understand if she is doing something wrong. She is still a goofy dog full of personality, but she just knows how to listen and make better choices now. We were able to receive almost instant results, as opposed to the years it might’ve taken with the positive dog training approach.

Rob was great with Patrice. Watching him work with the dogs you can tell how much he cares about them. He wasn’t just focused on her training for an hour a week like most trainers. He reached out more than once during the weeks between sessions to make sure she was still doing well.

If someone had told me two months ago that I would have an off-leash reliable dog who has manners and can walk politely on a leash, I would’ve never believed it. I am so glad that I found Dogs Listen To Me so that I can actually enjoy having a dog again! I’d recommend them to anyone having any sort of dog problems! They exceeded all of my expectations! Thank you Dogs Listen to Me!
— Abby Buser